Unannounced Project

Senior Level Designer, WB Games San Diego

  • As first level design hire, established level development process and principles during preproduction phase of project.
  • Authentically represented world-class IPs through extensive research and level design documentation.
  • Blocked out, iterated upon, and oversaw art production of numerous levels.


Lead Level Designer, Iron Galaxy Studios

  • Carried level design for a sprawling battle-royale island and the broad strokes of the layout of the Season 1 level expansion.
  • Overhauled a broken level design process; prioritizing iteration speed, modularity, and concurrent collaboration.
  • Iterated on an open-world layout with numerous distinctive landmarks, each with unique gameplay affordances.

Bullet Time AR

Founder, Creative Director, Coal Interactive

  • Designed and developed Bullet Time AR, a visceral, slow-motion FPS for mobile AR.
  • All aspects of production, managing contractors, social media marketing, and publishing. Production is ongoing.
  • Extensive Blueprint scripting, A.I., AnimBP, UI, and design iteration.

Fresh Out

Creative Director, Sandman Studios

  • directed the VR narrative, Fresh Out, which was selected and made its world premiere at Venice Film Festival (La Biennale di Venezia)
  • overhauled production and implemented scrum. Under a tight deadline, lead a team of 10 to success
  • leveraged a broad Unreal-Engine skillset

Jurassic World VR Expedition

Senior Designer, The Virtual Reality Company

  • Extensive research, planning, and high-level game design for the VR LBE Jurassic World VR Expedition which was deployed at more than 100 Dave & Buster's arcades across North America.
  • Composed numerous level design documents with an emphasis on interactivity and narrative

Follow Me Dragon

Senior Game Designer, The Virtual Reality Company

  • Leveraged A.I. scripting and animation logic into a spatially aware AR character with a ground-breaking sense of presence in the real world.
  • Created with Unreal-Engine and Apple ARKit, Follow Me Dragon was the #1 paid, entertainment app in the Apple App Store and a demo version was installed on devices in Apple Retail stores worldwide.

Dead Alliance

Game Designer & Senior Level Designer, Illfonic

  • Composed system design documentation and Blueprint scripted single player, wave-based survival mode for the zombie FPS, Dead Alliance.
  • Wave data tuning, multiplayer class tuning, and weapon tuning.

Friday the 13th: The Game

Game Designer & Senior Level Designer, Illfonic

  • Utilized Unreal 4 for level layout and iteration for Friday the 13th: The Game.
  • Content design documentation for strategic map elements.
  • Prototyped alternate game mode from scratch; utilizing Unreal Blueprint, Behavior Tree, Environment Query System and existing assets.


Level Designer, Giant Squid Studio

  • Collaborated with a small team, including Matt Nava, the art director of the award-winning game Journey to create a visually rich and emotionally compelling underwater narrative experience.
  • Level design, documentation, papermaps, layout, and scripting.
  • Leveraged Unreal Matinee and visual storytelling skills to implement the introduction and climax of the narrative.

Star Citizen

Senior Level Designer, Illfonic

  • Designed the first public-facing, competitive, FPS multiplayer map for Star Citizen using CryEngine.
  • System design, level design and layout for unannounced game mode.
  • System design documentation for team deathmatch mode.
  • Level layout, scripting, and cinematics for first public-facing FPS demonstration level at PAX.
PAX Demo Level

Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Senior Level Designer, Illfonic

  • Carried two local multiplayer levels through production.
  • Rescued another two levels that were in danger of failure.
  • Utilized CryEngine for design, layout, and scripting under a tight deadline.

Lost Planet 3

Level Designer & Sr. Environment Artist, Spark Unlimited

  • Primary responsibility for the entire final act of the single player campaign and three multiplayer levels.
  • Level planning, BSP layout and iteration in Unreal 3.
  • Utilized Unreal 3 Kismet scripting for gameplay prototyping, level streaming, and cinematics.
  • Environment art asset production with Maya and Zbrush.
Demo Reel

Raiders of the Deep

High Level Game Design Pitch, Spark Unlimited

I was given the responsibility to compose a game design pitch document and PowerPoint presentation for a triple A title to be pitched to Microsoft. I managed the support of two artists and was able to bounce ideas off of the veteran designers around me. Now that Spark doesn't exist anymore, I think it's safe to show this.

Game Design Document PDF


Game Designer & Level Designer, Game Over, LLC

  • High level game design document and level design for the third-person, parkour game; Failsafe
  • Restructured narrative in order to reinforce core gameplay mechanics, while maintaining narrative themes.
  • Paced out narrative exposition to coincide with introductory tutorializing of gameplay mechanics.
  • Level layout for vertical slice in Unity engine.

Project Advena

Game Designer & Senior Level Designer, Illfonic

  • High-level game design for Project Advena.
  • Reworked narrative structure and core mechanics.
  • Level design for first act, AI Scripting, and Blueprint prototyping.

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness

Character Modeler, Nickelodeon Animation Studio

  • Created models, UVs, proxy meshes, high quality deformation clusters, and robust blendshape sets for numerous prominent characters for Kung Fu Panda television series.
  • Maintained meticulous quality under tight "television" deadlines.

Show reel

Fanboy & Chum Chum

Character Modeler, Nickelodeon Animation Studio

  • Created models, UVs, proxy meshes, high quality deformation clusters, and robust blendshape sets for numerous prominent characters for Fanboy & Chum Chum television series.
  • Maintained meticulous quality under tight "television" deadlines.

Show reel


Environment Artist, Spark Unlimited

  • Team lead for last level of the game. Maintained lines of communication between departments.
  • Created a library of high quality environment assets the next-gen game Legendary, utilizing the Unreal 3 engine.
  • Setdressing, streaming, asset management, shader network setup, BSP editting, dressing, lighting and matinee animation.
  • Mentored and managed new team members.

Screenshots & Breakdown